Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vegas Baby

Ahh what a fun week and weekend we had! Paul and I finally made it into Seattle again to get my mom her mothers day gift! We are getting her a whole fish straight from the puget sound! Haha thats what she likes so we ventured down to figure out all the details! We of course took Dexter because he hates to be alone and doesn't do well without his mama! Which just makes my heart melt because he always wants to be with me! So Paul and I took him with us. He had a great time in the city although it was soooo windy and he had to be carried the whole time because he didn't like all the feet around him. And everyone I mean everyone wanted to be his friend. We were sucsesful with the fish expo and got one of my mothers day presents down! hurray! Paul and I then headed back to Tacoma to pick up his car from getting fixed again! When we went in to pick up the keys we found the most gigantic Great Dane I have ever seen. She was huge and totally awesome. Dexter had no idea what to think of her because she was so big, for the first time ever he was not interested in meeting her and just hide under a chair. Paul and I decided to even the playing field and we put him up on a chair so he could atleast see her face. He was totally ok with that and started to bat at her face and tried to play with her. This was so funny because her head was the size of his little body! She could knock him over with her head which was so funny to watch. By the time we got out of there Dexter was in love and totally cover in slobber! We were able to go out that night with Paul's cousin and his wife Ally. It was so much fun to get out of the house and have some fun! The start of this week has been crazy....I get to go home on Sunday for two weeks and I can't wait! But now that I have my little baby it complicates things just a smig! Getting Dexter ready to fly on the plane has been the most stressful thing about flying in the last year I think. I had to take him into the vet to get a certificate that says he is healthy and can fly. We were just in the vet a week in half ago and Dexter weighed 9.9 pounds well yesterday he weighed 13.5 pounds! HOLY MOLY this dog is growing so fast I don't even know what to do with him haha!
Dexter is so smart he FINALLY learned how to go down the stair which is making my life so much easier that now he can tell me when he has to go to the bathroom cause he goes to the top of the stairs and looks at me! What a blessing! I am so lucky that he is smart otherwise I just might kill him! He is my little baby and lights up my life. I can't wait till I get to take him home and show him off to my mom and dad because they are just gunna die for their newsest grandpuppy!

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  1. I am excited to see you when you are here. If you think my cakes are good, you need to see my friends blog. Check out She is the one I got lots of advice and the pans from for your cake.
    It is time for you to change your background!! Or you are just ahead of time for this year. See you soon.