Sunday, April 18, 2010


Paul and I have both decided that we have gotten fat...haha so we have are gunna get our butts in gear before summer super settles in! I am really excited that we are gunna take on the challenge but super scared lol. Paul's older brother and his wife have been doing it and they love it so I am taking on the challenge. We are both gunna take before and after pictures and I will spare you from seeing them because I am so pale and big that even I would kill over if I saw them... It was a good week this week. Dexter had his first vet appointment, first off I don't even like to go to the doctor so I was nervous to go and Paul wasn't there and I thought he was going to be so it made me more nervous. We went into the office and right when we walked in there was another dog crying. Dexter looked at me with his dark blue eyes and was like MOM where did you take me??? So of course I felt bad. We went into the room and started filling out paper work and then the vet came in. She was super nice and Dexter really liked her. He is 9 weeks old and weighs 9.9 pounds she also proceed to tell me that Dexter was one of the most beautiful Boxers that she has ever seen.. you don't have to tell me twice how handsome my dog is! All in all he was in perfect health and heading on the right track for being the most awesome dog ever. Paul came home Thursday night and it was so nice to have him back home with us. We took Dexter on a walk and he is starting to do so well on his leash. We walked him to the beach and he met two pugs and he was in love. They were running around playing with each other, he wasn't ready to head towards the water but I am thankful for that because it was super smelly..... He is doing so well we are super proud of him Dexter is literally the best dog ever! We got to spend some time with Andrea, Paul's older sister and his mom on saturday night had some lovely Olive Garden so it was a good time. Paul left this afternoon which is lame but what do you do, hopefully its only 12 more weeks. Thankfully have my friends from home and Alexandra saved my sanity. I am so thankful to have such good friends who know to call and I don't even have to say anything. I am counting my blessing. From this point on I am investing in myself and I am going to make some changes and not feel bad for myself!


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  2. haha we DID have everything! living on an island in the middle of no where has its cons. like it costing your life savings to ship your things out. so the stuff we got at our wedding is either returned or in storage.

    btw, HOW THE HECK ARE YOU!?!?! Hows marriage?! Life?! MISS YOU!