Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My life in Washington is considerably different from what it was is in vegas. I am not working at the moment which is unusal for me because I have always worked. Which is nice because now I have made head way in cooking. I have actually been able to replicate some of my mothers famous cooking which is absoulutly amazing for me to even kind of compare. Dexter has been making huge strides in his learning ability. He is almost completly potty trained and now only wakes up once a night which is nice because we also wake up at six when he is ready to play....Paul's older sister Andrea came into town with our 9 month old neice Penelope, and let me tell you both Dexter and Penny fell in love with each other. Penny was laughing so hard and Dexter was so amazing no problems at all with the baby he was wagging his tail so hard he loved her! This made me so happy because he does so well with babies....gives me hope for when Paul and I decided to have a baby....haha no time soon though. He also learned how to sit on command today it is really amazing just how smart he is....Having Dexter around is like having a baby, I wake up at least once a night to take him to the bathroom, wake up early in the morning to feed him and play, then make sure he doesn't mess in the house. All he does is eat, sleep, and poop but I will take that its good training.

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