Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow Weekend

What an awesome weekend Paul and I just had. Dave and Kenzie came to town, and we all went to the Muse concert at key arena on Friday was literally mind blowing... the most amazing concert I have ever been too! It was way to much fun! Saturday held even more adventures! First off we came outside and we saw that we had a flat tire on Paul's car of course yet another thing to fix on that stupid car haha...... anyways so we got the car fixed but we also picked up DEXTER THE GREAT! Our beautiful boxer baby! He is literally a dream and I am so happy to have him with us. He is so funny to watch as he walks around and plays with Paul and I it is some serious love let me tell you .....and its just a little easier then having a baby haha! Paul left after confrence to head back to his job 3 hours was hard this week. It sucks when you really like spending time with your husband but you only get 2 days out of the week.....haha thats what happens when you start at the bottom of the food change i suppose...i miss him so bad! good thing i have my new baby to look after, its gunna be a challenge not to let him sleep in the bed with me!

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