Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween with Ella the Ellaphant....and a Baby

Dinner Dinner in a PUMPkin DINNER! 
This is a song that was sung every Halloween as my mother prepared our typical Halloween meal. For as long as I can remember my sweet mother has been making us dinner in a pumping every Halloween, and for as long as I can remember  I have been shoveling it in my mouth to go trick or treating. Obviously things haven't changed even though I am 24 and live on my own I still made my sweet baby have her Dinner in a Pumpkin before we went trick or treating! We had Dave and Kenzie all the kids and Bonnie and Richard over and it was a party! Everyone loved it except me of course I just still have not acquired a taste for it even after 24 years lol!

As you CAN see Elleanor was the sweetest little Elephant in the whole wide world! She was beyond adorable in her Halloween costume I mean we were constantly getting stopped so people could look at her! She got an awesome Halloween bag from her Mimi, the eyes on the cat light up and she could not get enough of it! She did a really good job even though I am pretty sure she had no idea what was going on she had a blast going with her sweet cousins! Kate and Calvin were from Harry Potter and sweet Mabel was a strawberry! They were adorable going around to all the house! I think Paul and I enjoyed it the most! I mean look at Paul in that picture holing Ella! He couldn't get enough of her! AND of course neither could I!

The night ended with us only getting like 10 Trick or Treaters and being left with far to much candy for a pregnant woman! Oh did I not tell you? We are expecting baby Dickson number 2 May 2013! I know what the crap are we thinking Ella will only be 17 months old and 2 in diapers and craziness but here we go! We are very excited I can't believe that we are already 3 months along and I feel with these holidays things are going to go by even quicker! I can't wait for the next couple of weeks because its going to be INSANE!! Elleanor will literally be in Vegas for a whole month and Paul and I will be here an there all over the place!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting better: This Last Week

I am drawing a blank on what I did last Friday I am pretty sure that I had to venture into Wal-mart. If I do that I try to block out the memory! That is what I did, and Ella and I got followed by a creepy old "pretty sure he was homeless" man! I had to get into his face too because he kept following us! Yea this is why I hate Wal-Mart. Any who. . . . Saturday was a great busy day, I had a day full of hair appointments and Paul took Ella all day shopping with him! My man is a good daddy, took her to the grocery store and everything! Later that night we went to our wards Trunk or Treat and my sweet Elle got to wear her Halloween costume! She is an Ellaphant!! haha Get it? It was a fun activity and I made my very own "creepy dessert"! Check out my sweet decorating skills! Haha luckily Paul was there to help me muddle through! The rest of our week was not as pleasant, Ella has been quite the adventurer these days. Not only has she started to walk, but she has started to climb and is very very mischievous. Out of this world getting into trouble if I am not constantly keeping an eye on her. Sooo keeping this in mind Ella fell down the stairs this week, granted it was only 5 stairs and all on carpet but it made my heart stop as I grabbed her. The next day she slammed her fingers into a drawer in my bathroom as we were getting ready for the day. So sad she crawled all the way to me so I could hold her, which was cute yet sad.  And to top the week off yesterday my dear sweet baby girl tried to Tar and Feather herself as I like to say, in all actuality she pulled my scented melted candle off of the walk in table and tried to cover herself in hot wax. UHH YEAH ARE YOU FRECKING KIDDING ME! None got on her it was a miracle!  That would be my delicious smelling wax all over my hardwood floor and wall. It was a BLAST to remove all of it! Left a cute little stain
on my wall so we will have a decent smelling remind of Elleanor and her craziness! Haha that is also her cute little booty in the picture too as she tried to help me as I scrapped up all the wax. She tried to play with it, eat it, and put it in her hair! I love my child!

 Any who that was our week this week! I finally found Ella some glow in the dark PJ'S! They are for 6 month old babies but my 11th  month old is swimming in them haha! She is a tiny little girl! And she GLOWS IN THE DARK! It was a great week and its about to get crazier with all of our vacations that are coming up it should be an adventure!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So much has happened within the last 3 months and I have no idea why I thought I would be able to blog it all in one silly post. Since I can barely remember what happened pictures will have to tell the story! Since Elle is 10 months old now I figured I could give the bullet points on that haha!
  • Ella is WALKING! I  die she looks far to little to be walking around because it just looks crazy 
  • She TALKS so much. Granted it just babbling or saying dada I love to hear her little voice
  • She is into EVERYTHING she loves to pull our all of her clothes, towels, or kitchen items
  • Ella is a WIGGLE WORM especially when I am trying to change a poopy diaper! 
  • She LOVES her bath and would spend all day in there if I would let her 
  • She EATS everything I mean this girl puts down food that I don't even like (mushrooms) 
  • Ella STEALS everyone's heart and she keeps getting cuter and cuter!
8 months old in Top Sail Island North Carolina!

Beautiful Naked Baby

She's now had her feet in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and she is only 8 months old!

Bath with cousin Mabel

9 months old and as cute as ever

She was standing by herself this month

My baby loves Fall!

All smiles

Harry Potter Nerd

Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, July 8, 2012

7 Months Old

 Here we are 7 months old.....I have to stop and look at my little girl and soak her up as much as I can. Time is going by so fast! I look at my little lady and I think, how did I get  so lucky to get blessed with this little girl. She is amazing! I recently read a post by Stacie Lang. It was amazing to read her talking about having to enjoy the moments that I have with Elleanor because one day we won't have what we have now. It's been somewhat trying these last few weeks just because Elleanor's teeth may or may not be trying to make me go crazy!!! She has no teeth and no sign of them popping up but its like she teething!!! She goes down for bed sleeps for an hour and then screams! Its heart breaking! I wish she could just tell me what is going on so I could fix it. But oh well sooner rather then later she will be able too!! My sweet girl is doing  so many different things these days such as:

  • She babbles all day long she is saying BABA which cracks me up because she has never taken the bottle but she just babbles babababababababa I keep trying to get her to say mamama but to no avail!
  • She is I wouldn't say mobile but she does this sort of army scoot which she does well but she doesn't like her face in the carpet which happens when she does this.
  • Elleanor just rolls all over the place. The only problem with this is she hits a wall and gets angry cause she can't seem to figure her way back to me, cracks me up! 
  • She is super tickleish right on her sides which I can't help but do to her even though I HATE being tickled I can't help but tickle her cause she laughs so hard! 
  • We are sticking EVERYTHING  in our mouths her favorite thing to eat is jewelry 

  •  Ella is still in love with Dexter she gets so excited when she sees him and bounces up and down... Dexter is in love with her as well and is always by her when she is on the floor 
  • She doesn't want to hold still with diaper changes any more she likes to roll out of them or eat the diaper we are trying to put on her! 
  • Ella smiles all the time and she smiles so big when she sees my younger sister Danielle and her Daddy!
Paul and I are completely in love with our little girl she is the light in my life and I couldn't be happier with being a wife and mother. We have been so blessed with family these last few weeks and its been so nice! Ella had my mom and Nana come up and hang out with us for a week and it was amazing! Elleanor was awesome she loves her grandparents and being around them. I am so thankful for family and how much they help me! I love my sweet Elleanor she is my favorite person in the whole wide world! Oh and Paul!

Aren't they adorable?

Last month in PICTURES!


4th of July at Grandpas!

love her

my favorites

Loving having Nana in Washington

her new smile

ahhh she just chats away

Rock of Ages Midnight Premier

Ash and I have way to much fun

Hanging out together while I garden

Pubby came to visit

Elleanor loved it!

Teething SUCKS!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 Months Old

 My sweet baby is 6 months old, and I can't figure out where all that time went. She is getting so big sooo fast! She is stellar at all sorts of things like:
  • Sitting up by herself
  • Eating lots of foods like bananas, pears and sweet potatoes
  • Laughing a ton 
  • Playing in her bath with daddy 
  • She is starting to be ticklish 
  • Plays Peek a boo
  • Smiles like crazy when Daddy comes home 
  • Makes all sorts of crazy noises we call her the Pterodactyl
  • She uses a sippy cup and a bottle like a pro
  • Loves her feet, she even sucks on her toes 
  • No teeth but I swear they are teasing me by pretending to come
  •  Grabs your face and gives you big wet kisses when you ask for one!

 Elleanor loves her daddy! She lights up like a frecking light when he walks in the room when he gets home from work!
She giggles like crazy when he gives her kisses because of his beard which she thinks is hilarious to rub her feet against.
 Dexter thinks of Elleanor as his baby. He is constantly in her face and checking on her if she is in her crib or playing on the floor. She loves him dearly as well, she grabs and pulls on his face and ears and he just puts up with it because they love each other haha!

My family is fantastic I love them!