Friday, April 9, 2010

My boys!

I am so happy to have my two boys home again! Paul made it home last night and Dexter was beyond excited to see his daddy. Things this week were quite the challenge with having a new baby in the house. Apparently you have to be watching them every second haha this is going to be good practice for when I actually decided to have a baby....He is so sweet and spoiled we already let him sleep in the bed, but that's ok because Paul isn't home 4 nights out of the week haha. There was a lot of whoops and dang it coming out of my mouth this week as I tried to pay more attention haha.... But he is doing well, he rides in cars and goes to doctors appointments with myself and Bonnie (Paul's mom). He is the best boy and for sure made this week a whole lot easier without Paul. Its been a good week in Washington the sun has shown for the last couple days and was exactly what I needed.... So thankful its Friday and I get another day with Paul.... ahh life is good!

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