Sunday, May 16, 2010

AH me

Well let me tell you, I was able to go home on vacation for 10 days and it was awesome! Seeing my mom and dad again was so amazing I have been missing them so much it was great to be back and be around my family again. We did so much I got to go to the dentist! Woo Hoo I know a lot of people would not be excited about that but I love the dentist so it was great to go! I got to spend quality time with my best friends and I even got to talk to my favorite missionary Dallin! It was sooo good to talk to him on mothers day! Probably the biggest perk of going home besides doing my hair! I finally went dark again per Paul's request. He met me with dark hair and that is what he wanted again! So I am finally a normal color again chocolate brown and I like it. Dexter came down with me to Vegas he flew as my carry on....and what an adventure that was in its self. First off Dexter is getting so tall and that made it really hard to get him in the crate that we got him to travel in. So my poor baby I had to crate him and he did not like that at all.... then I had to shove him under the seat in front of me and that made him cry even more, which more then stressed me out because I was flying alone trying to do my luggage, just craziness began. Dexter was yowling so loud and everyone on the plane was looking at me so once the plane took off I put him on my lap so he would calm down and look out the window, he liked that until the bratty flight lady told me I had to put him back which this cause even more commotion and Dexter was fighting me the whole time. SO once she walked away again I snuck him on my lap and covered him with a blanket and pretended I was sleeping and it worked like a charm he was quite the whole rest of the trip. Being home was awesome I forgot how much I loved my family, but even more how much I loved Paul. It was hard to be away from him for 10 days. Especially when we don't get to see each other that often anyway. Makes me apperecaite him more though I suppose. It was so nice to come home, Dexter got to ride in the seat next to me because it was empty so he was happy the whole flight! We came home to daddy and a new dog house that paul built with just his hands for Dexter! I also got a sweet supurise Paul was so sweet got me flowers, had a bath with candles waiting, and even some hot lingerie! I love my husband and how he never stops treating me so well! I love you Paul

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