Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Week!!!

Ah I do love to drag out my birthday so I should say birthday month lol! This week I went to eastern Washington with Paul to hang out with Kenzie Dave and the kids. I am excited because it has been a while. We are gunna hang out in the tri cities and soak up some much needed sun! This week in washington has been sooo rainy and I am offically over it! Although I should just be happy because this week is my birthday! Paul and I are going to the ZOO!!! I am super excited because I LOVE THE ZOO!!! Plus we get to hang out with the kids because they are coming up for Memorial Day, and Paul even gets Monday off so we get more time together! IDEAL IF YOU ASK ME! Sooo P90X has been going well Paul and I both are actually getting pretty flexable which is amazing because I used to not be able to touch my toes I know super lame but it is true! We drove to Pasco today and Dexter did so good, we did drug him with some baby benydril though so he would be able to sleep, he made it the whole car ride here! he is pretty amazing! Dexter is getting so big. He got his first set of shots this week, and got microchipped! I have a fear of the doctor so I was nervous of the shots, I had to walk out of the room while he got them and he didn't even make a peep! I am just a bigger whimp then he is.

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