Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Year Today!

One year today I married my best friend and I can't believe that its already been that long. It seems like just yesterday we were down in Vegas enjoying my crazy family.... But here we are here in Washington and what an awesome ride it has been!

From trips to the Grand canyon to our first Christmas tree and my crazy family Christmas together it has been a non stop adventure getting to know each other more and more everyday. I am so lucky to have someone who I am excited to wake up to every day!

I am so thankful for Paul and all he does for me every day! He got me the most beautiful dog to keep me happy and train me for a baby! haha!

I would be lost without him I had no idea how empty my life until I found my man. He is so sweet, he knows how to make me smile and I can't wait to continue to have crazy awesome loving adventures with the man of my dreams! Happy anniversary lover can't wait till we have 100 more!


  1. I take offense to the "crazy family" stuff. Happy Anniversary. We miss you guys.

  2. I'm with Toni. Offense taken here lol. Glad to see that you are so happy and that Paul and you are doing so well. We love and miss you guys.