Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Kid in School

SOOOO I officially graduated from training and start working in the Tacoma Branch tomorrow! OMG I am just a little nervous to be starting at the new branch with the new people when I just finally became used to the branch in Redmond! I knew where everything was and I knew everyone! BAHHH so starting there is just making my stomach a little quezzy! Paul and I had a nice weekend, Friday night we were able to go out for dinner at the Olive Garden with Paul's cousin Mike and his wife Emily! It is sooo nice to finally have someone my age to hang around with! I think i finally have a friend! After our late night dinner we played some rock band which I have become terrible at because we have not played since Christmas! And then some SouthPark which I am still not a huge fan of but I did laugh a little I will give Paul, Mike and Emily that! Saturday was a fun day Mike and Emily found an apartment in down town Tacoma so we were helping them move in, of course Paul and I are alone on our side of the port again! Oh well maybe we will just have to find a house over there so we can be close to everyone! That would be ideal! Anyways after we saw their cute apartment which was built in like the 40's it had a cute vintage feel, we went over to SONIC!!! ohh sooo good I haven't had it since Las Vegas and it was more delicious then I remember! Rob and Ali helped in the move, so after dinner us ladies got together and went off to the cutest little home decor shops! They have the best ones in Tacoma! It was so fun we also hit up a cute little art deco shop and I got my creative on! And this is what I made do you love it?


  1. Hey Baby, hope the week was good for you at the new branch. Love and miss you bunches.


  2. rach that is so cute!!!! jealous!!!