Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ah Cycle Family

I know dad I know its been forever!! I was waiting for something truly exciting to write about because I was even tired of reading about me haha! Anyways it has been a pretty eventful two weeks! Last week Paul and I went camping with the family and it was pretty awesome. I mean dang cold semi uncomfortable, and incredibly sleepless but still a lot of fun. We got to go with some of our favorite cousins. Rob and Ali and their two kids, Laura and Gunnar and their two kids, and Molly and Stefan and their two kids haha soo of course Paul and I had to bring out baby! Dexter had a great time, he frolicked in the meadow and got terrorized by birds that were flying into his food dish and stealing his food. Although we weren't allowed to have a fire at night we were still able to have a nice time chatting. Sleeping wasn't to bad Paul thankful had two sleeping bags thankful and in the middle of the night Dexter climbed into my sleeping bag and I finally was a little warm and so was he! We made it through the night and the morning was soo beautiful. We hung around our campsite for most of the morning enjoying the sun and hanging out which was so much fun to get together again. The husbands all rode down the Schinook Pass while all the women went on a nature hike to Mud Mountain Dam which was really nice and a lot of fun. Later that night Paul and I went to Rob and Ali's so the boys could do their fantasy football draft and I got some much needed shopping for some new bank clothes with Ali. Well the real kicked about this week was Paul and I were able to finally get me my road bike! After saving for what seems like forever we were able to pick up my sweet powder blue and sliver 2011 Avail Advance Giant Road Bike with 105 parts! OOHHHH SOOO SEXY! Let me tell you I am so excited to be able to start riding with Paul! We have officially be come a cycle family! We were planning on getting my bike off line because we found a really nice Avail online for basically the same price, but Paul said we needed to go to a shop to see what size bike I needed. So we were on our way home from the Seattle Premiere Outlets were we were able to go shopping, I did some damage at Banana Republic but all in the name of needing new clothes for Qualstar! That place was insanely full of people it was almost claustrophobic! But we had a great time....anyway so we were on the way home and Paul told me to look up shops on the way home, so I picked Tacoma Bike and called. Well some English guy answered the phone and I told him I was planning on buying a bike off line and just needed to know what size we should be looking at and what not, well he went on the rampage of how I needed to be custom fit to a bike and how much better it is and that it comes with the bike if you go through the shop and it was like 150 bucks to do it otherwise. CRAZY I know! So since it was on the way home I told Paul we might as well go and check it out! Well this bike shop was amazing it was huge and it was full of awesome stuff! Anyways the English guy who ended up being named Tony gave me a full run down and found me the best possible bike ever for a girl who is just starting out. Then went to the shoes and this was nice because I didn't buy any shoes while we were shopping earlier. And I had no idea that bike shoes are SOOO expensive, but Tony worked his magic and found last seasons best Sidi shoes in the back in my size that they were just going to put on EBAY! 350 dollar shoes and we got them for 150! BONUS! Then once we picked out my bike I had it CUSTOM FIT TO ME! :) Can you believe it, it took an hour in a half but my bike is perfectly fit to me, and it fits like a dream! I am one happy girl! I can't wait till Paul and I are able to go on our first ride together! We are a cycling family!


  1. Finally another post and something very worthy to post on. Bike looks SWEET. I am sure you will be just as big of addict as the rest of us. You look soooo much cuter than Paul in your helmet by the way.

  2. Rachel, for future camping trips you need to know that sleeping bags can be zipped together so you can "share" body heat with your husband and not your dog.