Monday, August 9, 2010

Week at the beach

AHHH north carolina is officially one of the coolest places i have been EVER!!! We are so lucky to be able to be staying at a kick bass beach house that is literally right on the beach, I can walk out the sliding glass door and maybe walk 100 feet on our own deck and hit the ocean! Yesterday was so fun, it was Sunday and well apparently this family is super strict and don't go swimming on Sunday. A rule my family never really followed as we spent many Sunday afternoons in the Litchfields pool being crazy! Any ways so we were NOT allowed to go in the water, and that is sooo hard when the water is crashing and looks so alluring and is practically beckoning your name just to walk in a little further, SO here Mckenzine and I are walking slowly thur the surf trying to catch little mole crabs (the cutest crabs that dig in the sand) and I am bending over trying to pick them up. Kenzie picks up her foot and kicks me right in the butt literally sending me flying face first into the waves! I pop up shocked that she has sent me into the water and laugh so hard because I am in a white skirt and my shirt is hanging at my knees being soaked! Of course I had to retaliate and get her in! Which of course is what I think we all know I secretly wanted to do! The night went on with some awesome adventure of supposedly watching turtle emerge from the nest and watching them run into the ocean! well let me tell you nature people have no sense of humor and we got yelled at if we even talked to loud next to the nest because it would distract the turtles! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? haha so Paul, David, myself and Paul's cousin Greg decided that it would be exciting for a midnight swim because it was no longer Sunday haha and its something that needed to be done! Well last night was a new moon so there was no moon and it was pitch dark! which is technically unnerving because as most of you know sharks are nocturnal and do their hunting at night! SCARY but I stayed out there and body surfed until Posioden took his wrath out on me because Paul cursed him, and I apparently had to pay for it by being smashed into the sand and rolled all the way to the shore. Needless to say I no longer wanted to temp his fury so I jumped out and made it home. Today was full of adventures boogie boarding and as you can see my terrible burn on the face where even my eyelids are suffering! Blast my European skin! Only looking forward to and even bigger adventure tomorrow!


  1. sounds like you had a great time. I guess I should have kept you from swimming at the Litchfields. I hod no idea it would creep into your adulthood.

  2. What fun! I am still waiting for that phone call to hear all about it.....yeeeaaaah. Love you lotsa!