Friday, August 6, 2010

The Adventure Begins

What a totally crazy week I have had this week and boy oh boy I couldn't be more glad to be officially on vacation! Here I sit in a hotel room in Raleigh ohh yes i said Raleigh the first stop on a journey to the Henderson family reunion. That is Paul's moms side of the family and we are heading down to some beach in north Carolina to stay in our very own beach house for the whole week! I am so excited......But this week also marked a big turning point in my life. I got a job again! wahhooo its a good thing i swear. I am working for a credit union called qualstar and let me tell you that is something that i never really thought myself as going for haha! This week was full of learning new and crazy things and totally making me feel like sooo stupid because I have no clue what they are talking about half the time and I am always asking questions but that's good i guess. Week one of training is done and I finished all my test to become a teller so I must have some common sense then right? But I got to take this week to enjoy my summer. The training takes place in a city called Redmond and it is soooooooooooooo far away from my house! I literally have to leave and hour in a half early just to get there on time because traffic is horrendous around these parts and I don't do well in traffic! Besides getting stuck on the 405 for 2 in a half hours because a bus caught on fire... yes i mean literally a bus caught on fire and they had to shut down all the lanes except one! It was so crazy and frustrating but oh well the things we do for a paycheck. This job is actually quite the blessing because Paul and I will be able to save even more money and hopefully be able to buy a house sometime soon! Finger crossed haha! Also it does give me something to do..... I must admit though leaving Dexter is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do....I can't imagine when its an actual kid and I go back to work! crazy! Leaving him this morning to get on a plane was awful! We do have a wonderful dog sitter who is hanging out at our house this week to take care of our baby! Which i think is just totally awesome! It was hard to look at that face and leave though especially because he caught a terrible cold the night before and was having trouble breathing! nothing like being scared awake because your dog can't breath! not awesome! but alas he is just fine and on antibiotics! This week is going to be a joyous adventure and I can't wait to officially get it started!

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