Thursday, July 29, 2010

The time has come

I have officially wasted enough time being at home with no job! But I got a much needed break from the every day grind of working two jobs and trying to juggle everything Paul and I had going on. I told myself that it was time to get a job, so I hopped onto craigslist and got a call from Qualstar Credit Union. My job would basically be a teller which is neat, but sooo funny because if any of you really knew me you would laugh as well because I was never really AMAZING with money. Until I met Paul and became the OfficeMax money handler of our family! Which came as a GIANT shock to me that, it was my new task! Anyways I had 3 interviews and each person that interviewed me fell in love even more with how awesome I am! The job came through they told me someone with my personality the would be willing to teach! Which soo works out to Paul's and I's benefit because I get to learn all about loans, mortgages, and handling money even better which only makes it great for the both of us and getting ready to buy a home! I start on Monday, for 5 weeks I will do training and I have to drive at least and hour to get to the main branch in Redmond, WA. BAHHH I hate traffic and I have never had to commute ever in any of my jobs! EVER! So this will defiantly be a new adventure! It will be great to have some saving money, since Paul's job takes care of everything this will be money in da bank! And it means a road bike for me!!!! Wahoo I am really excited about that Paul and I will have a super hobby together that keeps us skinny! BAHHH Paul and I are getting ampped for our exciting vacation to North Carolina this next weekend! It his the Henderson Family Reunion, which is Paul's moms side of the family and I have not met a single one of them so this shall be exciting! We get to spend a whole week in an awesome beach house right on the beach I am so excited that I have even been tanning for months so I won't burn and can actually enjoy some sun! Dexter is growing like a weed, he is 36 pounds and keeps on growing! He graduated from his first Dog Education Class he was soo adorable and did so well!

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