Thursday, July 15, 2010

oh the fourth 2

The last post was just pictures because I was having such a hard time figuring out what picture went with what post blah blah blah whatever I am yet to be super talented with my post lol I shall get better. Anyways, I had an awesome fourth of July week because my whole family excluding Dallin came up to visit and it was awesome! The group got here on the 3rd, so we went to the gravel pit where the rest of Paul's family was and got to shoot of some pretty decent fireworks. Even Ashley, Danielle, and I shot off big ones, although those two ran away screaming from them every time haha. Sunday of course was the Fourth and boy oh boy did we have some adventures. We hit up sacrament meeting went home to change, and Paul took us on a great adventure. We went back to the gravel pit and Paul taught everyone how to drive a Front Loader. So moms dream finally came true she has always wanted to drive some heavy machinery and on the Fourth of July 2010 that dream came true! It was sooo funny watching everyone drive. Danielle was a natural and got the biggest load while mom was the funniest to watch. Ashley was the first person EVER to wear high heels while driving a Front Loader, and Dad was a pro parker, he wedge that Front Loader right where it was supposed to go like a pro. After that we went to the other side of the Port to have a BBQ and watch the air show at the grandparents house. They have an amazing view of the puget sound and they air show was crazy. The acrobatics were amazing and when the jets flew over I have never heard anything that loud! It was a lot of fun. Paul did all the BBQing he has become quite the master since we have gotten our grill and I do love it! Nothing better then some good ole BBQ. It was a little chilly outside for the family from Las Vegas so we headed home for some naps. Fire works were nice and Paul even brought me some sparklers which were awesome! Monday was a good day because Paul had it off of work so he got to hang out a little longer with us which was awesome because I love having him around. Monday I finally got to see the new twilight movie while dad and Paul saw Grown ups. It was a great day Paul left in the early evening to head back to Pasco. Tuesday we went to the glass museum which was ehhh it was way to expensive for what it was, but we did get to see people actually blowing glass and making all different kinds of things and that was really awesome. Hit up the Almond Roca outlet and mom went crazy there she was digging almond roca. Wednesday was and awesome day because we went into Seattle and hit up the aquarium and Pikes Market which everyone loved. We got some awesome fruit and just ate it for days. Having the family was sooo much fun but at the same time when you are used to being by yourself it was just semi stressful to have what felt like million people in my kitchen rear raging things! thanks mom I do love it though. When they left it was hard. Things we went well with my sisters which is a bonus, and well I miss my dad more then anything. It's always easy to be ok when you don't see them, but having to say goodbye is terrible when you know you aren't going to be with them for another 6 months. This weekend will be a little less exciting, Paul is in a bike race though, he is riding for Seattle to Portland in two days so it will be fun to do that, and we shall see how he does hopefully some of his skills from riding across America have stayed haha we shall see...

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  1. love the new pics and I'm glad you had such a nice visit with the family.