Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am a slacker

Holy Hannah I am a failure at blogging....seriously a failure. I have no idea where my time is flying too it literally is like WHOOOP and gone. I am trying to figure out exactly what has happened these last 30 days and well I am not quite sure. One thing I can remember, Dexter graduated again from the second level of dog class! WOOT WOOT he is literally the smartest dog put on this earth.... although he would not even follow the direction we were giving him or what Karen the dog teacher was giving him... made a quick trip down to Vegas saw mom and dad and my older sister Ashley which was awesome. I finished and eight book series and am now reading a new book called the HELP really awesome... umm my calling is activity days and I had those sweet girls write Dallin and Laura who is my brother and my best friend which then got me my first letter from my younger sweet brother that brought me too tears because I had no idea just how much I missed him and reading a letter and seeing pictures of him just made me soo emotional haha lame I know I got over it quick....I have been driving in a lot of FOG lately I have never really seen FOG before and let me tell you it is a pain in the butt to drive in......

Work is good, its nice to just chill and get paid for it I don't really mind....I am ready for an actual vacation, good thing we have Mexico coming up in 4 weeks, Paul and I were just looking at all the fun excursions we are planning on doing and let me tell you I can't wait for it!! I got an awesome new swimsuit and my white body is ready to see the sun! haha I am pretty stoked for this. Life as I know it has been crazy but we are trucking along....I am thankful for my memory foam mattress that erases my memory every night haha

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  1. Hey Baby thanks for the post. I love keeping up with you. Dexter is the smartest dog and maybe the most spoiled, next to Beau.....