Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween is in the air

Ahh today was a good day. Paul and I needed to carve pumpkins and I was ready for it cause it is awesome! So we were eating at Olive Garden yesterday! SOOO figgen good, we went to Fred Meyer and got some GIANT GIANT PUMPKINS!!! Like you had to weight them and the little weigher things only went up to 30 pounds and if it weighed more then that then they only charged for you 30 pounds! So our pumpkins for sure weighed more then 30 pounds! CAUSE THEY ARE HUGE!
The bigger the better if you ask me! Well we needed some kids to carve pumpkins with because its funner with younger kids! SO Paul and I called Rob and ALi and we had them come over and carve with us! IT was awesome! So I made some delicious White Chicken Chili and it was bomb I mean BOMB DIGGADITY!!! Ate some chili and broke out the carving tools!

I was unable to saw through the top of my pumpkin because NO lie it was at least 4 inches thick and our sawing tools where tiny, you know the ones i am talking about! anyways Rob saved the day and sawed through my pumpkin and then we tried to remove the top of mine and that took even more maneuvering because mine didn't have a little stem either haah I was chalk full of problems. In the end Paul was able to get it out and I taped on my little desgin and worked away on my pumpkin... Those pictures are dumb though because it didn't even stay in place when I was trying to saw through it even though I taped it up! OH WELL! I made it through and came out with an awesome looking spider while Paul drew up his own design and made Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

After removing the goop from the pumpkin seeds Ali made us some bomb toasted pumpkin seeds while we....wait for it.......PLAYED SOME ROCK BAND 3! with the new KEYTAR! and it is awesome! it has awesome Queen songs so that is probably my favorite part. Anyway, we played some rockband and Vic sang Lady Gaga which was awesome because she is only 5 and was belting it out lol! with a little help from me which I mean I can't help myself. MY inner GAGA comes out!

Even Dexter wanted to get into the Rock Band game and was climbing all over everyone just to see how to play that instrument as well! haha cute baby! Now we wait for Halloween where the infamous Thatcher Dinner in a Pumpkin will be made for the first time by a Dickson....I am a lot nervous to take on this task but I feel like I can do it! haha Also waiting for Paul's Halloween costume that he is going to make he is planning on being a robot so we shall see how that goes! I am almost tempted to be lady gaga cause we can dress up for work but who knows if that will happen haha! Hope you all have a good Halloween and a very special shout out to my older sister whose birthday is Halloween Happy Birthday Ashley I quite adore you!


  1. Wow a new Dickson tradition is starting on Sunday. Dinner Dinner Dinner in a pumkin YUM!

  2. Thanks for the sister shout-out. I had a great day! Can't wait to spend it with you next year..I hope I hope!