Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Dickson Style

OHH what a fun weekend we had! This was our first Halloween doing our own fun adventures and celebrating Paul and Rachel Dickson Style woot woot!

We started out with some dinner with Bonnie and Richard Friday night so we could hang out with Bonnie before she left for Egypt! Lucky lady! Saturday I did some hair for my new BFF Laura! She is sooo marvelous and we could literally talk for hours! Paul went to the shoot range and fell even more in love with a new gun haah! its a pretty cute hand gun I held it later in the evening and it was pretty sweet. anyways so I went shopping with Ali and got some legit plum colored leather gloves to get me ready for the fall season! After we got back from the mall went to dinner with the boys and decided that we were gunna have some dinner in a pumpkin and go trick or treating the next day and that is when the craziness began! SOOOO saturday night i sent Paul to the grocery store around 7 to go get the ingredients for Dinner in a Pumpkin.....well I am sitting on the couch and its like 9:30 and the man is still not home! I pick up my phone and called my man......he told me there was no pumpkins at all in our local grocery stores! HE WENT TO 6! AND NONE OF THEM HAD PUMPKINS!!!! Are you kidding me! We can't not have pumpkin soo dad don't be mad but we missed church I know I know its terrible! But we had to go to the other side of town to see if we could find a pumpkin! I am not evening lying we went to at least 10 more stores searching for just one normal size pumpkin. Paul and I start talking crazy about stealing a pumpkin off of someones porch that weren't carved I mean we were getting NUTS! Anyways I was in Safeway in the the employee only section with one of the managers trying to see if a squash would work! My phone rings its Paul he yells "LET GOOO GET IN THE CAAARRRR!" I honestly thought that he stole a lie! So I run out of the store and he goes I FOUND US A PUMPKIN GET IN!!!! We speed off to Terry's Berries a cute little pumpkin patch!

We raced home! I had to start making dinner in a pumpkin because we were heading to Rob and Ali's house in just a few short hours and Paul had yet to make his costume, so while he hide in his man cave downstairs with Dexter beating down the door to try and get in to his daddy I was trying to make something that is semi ok into something delicious! haaa it didn't really work out! well we made it to Rob's house only like 30 minutes late as we drove dinner in a pumpkin over I was cursing the whole way over yelling at Paul for driving crappy because pumpkin juice was getting all over me and all over the truck!

We finally made it in with the pumpkin only slightly caving in haha and it tasted ok.....just ok but hey it was my first try and I am pretty sure next year will be better we can only hope! After we ate dinner we finished up Paul's costume and it became one of the greatest things I have ever seen! Paul has wanted to be a robot for Halloween ever since we have been together and let me tell you I now know why because it was awesome!!!!

Paul was a hit with everyone we saw out on the roads! It was hilarious! SOoo many people were like look a ROBOT! And Paul stayed in full character he even talked like a robot! It was the best I mean like the best thing ever! He got more candy then the kids did! People where throwing extra pieces in there for him! I laughed really hard the whole time. My costumes was Paul's sexy mechanic and I had my WD 40 just in case he needed some help!

We had such a good time trick or treating with Gram cracker and Victoria we were laughing the whole way round! It was soo fun to actually be out there again like when I was a little kid! I can't remember the last time I had that much fun when I was out trick or treating! Well the best part of the evening was also the sad part poor AWESOME-O aka Paul was trying to climb some stairs fell face first into some stairs. Luckly his fuel box propped him up, but his arms weren't able to push him up again! I have never laughed so hard in my life all of us were belly laughing and ALi and I almost peed our pants! NO LIE! Finally Rob was able to stop laughing long enough to help Paul up and from then on we had to make sure he made it across the road and up stairs with someone following him! haha sooo funny! After we hit quite a few houses and Paul made a little boy cry we decided to call it quits and head back home! It was such a great night I could not have asked for a better time! Our family just gets better and better as we do more things together! AND I SWEAR GUYS DINNER INA PUMPKIN WILL ONLY GET BETTER!



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