Friday, June 4, 2010

Ahh soooo I have had a great week! Last Saturday was my birthday and I was able to have a great day with my Dickson family! Paul took me to the zoo!!! Dave and Mckenzie came into town with the kiddies and we were excited to start the day. It was awesome we started the day by going to a coffee shop for some hot chocolate, but this is a special coffee shop not your boring old star bucks, this coffee shop is called sweet cheeks, AND all the girls where lingerie!! haha so funny I have always wanted to go just so I could see this, and it was great! Washington is chalk full of these things and they are the funniest thing ever! Hot chocolate wasn't bad either! After we got hot chocolate we headed into the city, we had some lunch at Red Mills Burgers. It was on Man vs Food and it was rated one of the best burger places in the country, I still would take In and Out over it! And then off to the Zoo it was great, they had just gotten in Meerkats which were so dang cute omg I loved it! It was a little rainy but what did I expect nothing but rain! It was ok we spent a good amount of time at the Zoo until Kate and Calvin were both ready to go! So Paul and I came home and we both passed out for like 4 hours lol! And we woke up to both of us feeling pretty crappy, so we spent my night birthday at home with out puppy just the way I wanted! Well I got over my cold eventually and started to take on the task of finishing decorating my house...which is quite the feet because I have totally been putting it off. I am totally not a decorator and I still haven't found my nitch! Anyways I added these little poppy stickers that I bought from IKEA which seem pretty neat and now I am working on the rest. One thing at a time! Dexter had his first Doggy Obedience class and I have never seen him more crazy! He was so excited to see the other dogs, and wanted to play so bad I have never seen him more wily! Of course I am like Dexter, DEXter, trying to reign him in and feeling embarrassed that he is being so excited. All and all it all worked and he did quite well. They even used him as and example! I took Bonnie my mother in law to the hospital for her colon cleaning and I had to sit in the hospital for 3 hours. For anyone who knows me it was absolute torture because I totally have a phobia of doctors. That will put off the baby making for a while. Paul came home, and his knee was hurting worst then ever. Soooo we went to the doctor today. Wow a doctor filled week. So I have had a lot of stomach turning while waiting for results. He got and x-ray and the bone was fine, so we are being sent for and MRI tomorrow morning to see if he has a torn ligament or meniscus. GREAT I know right. What do you do! Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!

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  1. Hey You... Mom has been missing talking to you. She was thinking about calling but I think you are in church. I loved the stories. Paul and I will need to check out that coffee house....