Sunday, June 13, 2010

never last long enough

AH boy do I love the weekends, I love having Paul home, I love the sunshine, and I love spending time with my little family. SOO this week I started tanning again, Paul informed me very kindly that I have been looking oh so very pale, lucky me I knew he was right but I had offically been ok with my whiteness, but as we are getting ready to head to North Carolina in the next month or so to stay at the beach I needed at least a base tan so I don't burn terribly! The week was good, Dexter is excelling in doggy classes all though he is for sure the most lively of the bunch, but he isn't the one barking!! He still hasn't picked up that habit so I am super excited about that. I also got an awesome new phone, I got the Sprint HTC Evo and its totally awesome as lame as I sound for being super excited over a silly phone. But all the pictures above are taken with it and it is super sweet! Paul came home Thursday and we were able to have a good weekend together. We watched A LOT of soccer! Which was awesome Paul is really funny when he is super into something. We also got to go out to dinner with Bonnie and Richard on Friday and Saturday, which was a lot of fun. We did yard work on Saturday and that is a freckin chore especially with has large as our yard is! It's huge for those of you who don't know friggen HUGE!!! I will put up some pictures after I really clean it up there is a huge part of it that is just weeds and it is quite a daunting task to take on. I also got to go to lunch with the girls this week. It was alot of fun because we were able to all hang out while the kids played in the mcdonalds play place. It was good to talk with everyone i do enjoy having adult conversations haha Dexter doesn't talk back bah haha as lame as that sounds again! Saturday was filled with soccer attacking the backyard, and dinner with a movie, with a babysitting job afterwards. Paul and I went and saw the a-team with Bonnie and Richard. It was alot of fun and a great movie actually! Rob and Ali called and asked for a night out so we took Graham off their hands for them. It was an eye opening expereince. I am not ready for children is what I truly found out. He was a good baby but with him and Dexter it was a friggen circus! Lots of fun, but something I am not ready for! HAha maybe in another year or so!

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