Sunday, June 27, 2010


OH MY LANTA!!! I had a marvelous weekend it could not have been better! We started off with Thursday and my lovely husband came home to spend yet another jam packed weekend at home! We got a new grill and decided it was time to break it in! And boy did that thing get work done! We started out just Paul and I grilling just to make sure he had it down before we tried to feed other people. It turned out great Paul has a hidden talent that he didn't even know about! Dexter got to indulge in some sweet meat that Daddy made. He loved it.... And Friday ohh can I tell you about Friday! Friday was one of the best days I have had in a while! SOO for like a month I have been planning on having family photos taken of Paul and I with Dexter. And boy did we find the best deal ever! We got our pictures taken by Kjrsten Madsen and she was AMAZING!!! Literally I wish she could have been there to do our wedding because she was that awesome! She does my favorite Blog and totally inspires me on a daily basis. You should check her out because even Paul had a great time, we took pictures in Tacoma next to the water and in the city. It was the best time she was so fun and even knew most of Paul's family which made it even cooler because they were talking and it totally put Paul at ease and she said he even smiled well! That's a big deal!!!! I have not had that much fun in a while and although Dexter was a little wild man she said he did well! Not many people can have such a beauty like Dex.... Although I think we are going to have to put his modeling carer on hold because he doesn't pay that well of attention....Oh well something to work on! Then Saturday the party continues we had a bunch of our Dickson family over for a BBQ and it was a hit! We had Dan and Kelly and their beautiful children, as well as Rob and Ali and their two, add Molly and Stephen plus their 2 girls, Tom and Chis, with some Richard and Jack throw in a crazy dog who tackles children as they run away from him and you have a house hold of crazy and fun! It was a great time we had some burger, hot dogs, and carne asada! It was a blast I love getting together with family it almost makes me feel at home. Washington is starting to warm my little heart a bit! I know I know crazy but summer is turning out to be pretty delightful! And to top it all off my family is coming next week for fourth of July and I am soooo excited Ash and Danielle are coming as well and that should be a blast! We are going to be doing so many things and I could not be more amped to have them here! I have to prepare the house and what not find some air mattresses and spend some awesome family time! This week is gunna be marvelous! Life is wonderful right now! I love my husband, I have a great family up here in Washington and the best little four legged baby in the world. I am counting my blessings!

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