Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting better: This Last Week

I am drawing a blank on what I did last Friday I am pretty sure that I had to venture into Wal-mart. If I do that I try to block out the memory! That is what I did, and Ella and I got followed by a creepy old "pretty sure he was homeless" man! I had to get into his face too because he kept following us! Yea this is why I hate Wal-Mart. Any who. . . . Saturday was a great busy day, I had a day full of hair appointments and Paul took Ella all day shopping with him! My man is a good daddy, took her to the grocery store and everything! Later that night we went to our wards Trunk or Treat and my sweet Elle got to wear her Halloween costume! She is an Ellaphant!! haha Get it? It was a fun activity and I made my very own "creepy dessert"! Check out my sweet decorating skills! Haha luckily Paul was there to help me muddle through! The rest of our week was not as pleasant, Ella has been quite the adventurer these days. Not only has she started to walk, but she has started to climb and is very very mischievous. Out of this world getting into trouble if I am not constantly keeping an eye on her. Sooo keeping this in mind Ella fell down the stairs this week, granted it was only 5 stairs and all on carpet but it made my heart stop as I grabbed her. The next day she slammed her fingers into a drawer in my bathroom as we were getting ready for the day. So sad she crawled all the way to me so I could hold her, which was cute yet sad.  And to top the week off yesterday my dear sweet baby girl tried to Tar and Feather herself as I like to say, in all actuality she pulled my scented melted candle off of the walk in table and tried to cover herself in hot wax. UHH YEAH ARE YOU FRECKING KIDDING ME! None got on her it was a miracle!  That would be my delicious smelling wax all over my hardwood floor and wall. It was a BLAST to remove all of it! Left a cute little stain
on my wall so we will have a decent smelling remind of Elleanor and her craziness! Haha that is also her cute little booty in the picture too as she tried to help me as I scrapped up all the wax. She tried to play with it, eat it, and put it in her hair! I love my child!

 Any who that was our week this week! I finally found Ella some glow in the dark PJ'S! They are for 6 month old babies but my 11th  month old is swimming in them haha! She is a tiny little girl! And she GLOWS IN THE DARK! It was a great week and its about to get crazier with all of our vacations that are coming up it should be an adventure!

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