Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween with Ella the Ellaphant....and a Baby

Dinner Dinner in a PUMPkin DINNER! 
This is a song that was sung every Halloween as my mother prepared our typical Halloween meal. For as long as I can remember my sweet mother has been making us dinner in a pumping every Halloween, and for as long as I can remember  I have been shoveling it in my mouth to go trick or treating. Obviously things haven't changed even though I am 24 and live on my own I still made my sweet baby have her Dinner in a Pumpkin before we went trick or treating! We had Dave and Kenzie all the kids and Bonnie and Richard over and it was a party! Everyone loved it except me of course I just still have not acquired a taste for it even after 24 years lol!

As you CAN see Elleanor was the sweetest little Elephant in the whole wide world! She was beyond adorable in her Halloween costume I mean we were constantly getting stopped so people could look at her! She got an awesome Halloween bag from her Mimi, the eyes on the cat light up and she could not get enough of it! She did a really good job even though I am pretty sure she had no idea what was going on she had a blast going with her sweet cousins! Kate and Calvin were from Harry Potter and sweet Mabel was a strawberry! They were adorable going around to all the house! I think Paul and I enjoyed it the most! I mean look at Paul in that picture holing Ella! He couldn't get enough of her! AND of course neither could I!

The night ended with us only getting like 10 Trick or Treaters and being left with far to much candy for a pregnant woman! Oh did I not tell you? We are expecting baby Dickson number 2 May 2013! I know what the crap are we thinking Ella will only be 17 months old and 2 in diapers and craziness but here we go! We are very excited I can't believe that we are already 3 months along and I feel with these holidays things are going to go by even quicker! I can't wait for the next couple of weeks because its going to be INSANE!! Elleanor will literally be in Vegas for a whole month and Paul and I will be here an there all over the place!

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