Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So much has happened within the last 3 months and I have no idea why I thought I would be able to blog it all in one silly post. Since I can barely remember what happened pictures will have to tell the story! Since Elle is 10 months old now I figured I could give the bullet points on that haha!
  • Ella is WALKING! I  die she looks far to little to be walking around because it just looks crazy 
  • She TALKS so much. Granted it just babbling or saying dada I love to hear her little voice
  • She is into EVERYTHING she loves to pull our all of her clothes, towels, or kitchen items
  • Ella is a WIGGLE WORM especially when I am trying to change a poopy diaper! 
  • She LOVES her bath and would spend all day in there if I would let her 
  • She EATS everything I mean this girl puts down food that I don't even like (mushrooms) 
  • Ella STEALS everyone's heart and she keeps getting cuter and cuter!
8 months old in Top Sail Island North Carolina!

Beautiful Naked Baby

She's now had her feet in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and she is only 8 months old!

Bath with cousin Mabel

9 months old and as cute as ever

She was standing by herself this month

My baby loves Fall!

All smiles

Harry Potter Nerd

Pumpkin Patch


  1. Im glad to see you are blogging again

  2. Loving the pictures and the blog. Paul is looking svelte in the hat.