Sunday, July 8, 2012

7 Months Old

 Here we are 7 months old.....I have to stop and look at my little girl and soak her up as much as I can. Time is going by so fast! I look at my little lady and I think, how did I get  so lucky to get blessed with this little girl. She is amazing! I recently read a post by Stacie Lang. It was amazing to read her talking about having to enjoy the moments that I have with Elleanor because one day we won't have what we have now. It's been somewhat trying these last few weeks just because Elleanor's teeth may or may not be trying to make me go crazy!!! She has no teeth and no sign of them popping up but its like she teething!!! She goes down for bed sleeps for an hour and then screams! Its heart breaking! I wish she could just tell me what is going on so I could fix it. But oh well sooner rather then later she will be able too!! My sweet girl is doing  so many different things these days such as:

  • She babbles all day long she is saying BABA which cracks me up because she has never taken the bottle but she just babbles babababababababa I keep trying to get her to say mamama but to no avail!
  • She is I wouldn't say mobile but she does this sort of army scoot which she does well but she doesn't like her face in the carpet which happens when she does this.
  • Elleanor just rolls all over the place. The only problem with this is she hits a wall and gets angry cause she can't seem to figure her way back to me, cracks me up! 
  • She is super tickleish right on her sides which I can't help but do to her even though I HATE being tickled I can't help but tickle her cause she laughs so hard! 
  • We are sticking EVERYTHING  in our mouths her favorite thing to eat is jewelry 

  •  Ella is still in love with Dexter she gets so excited when she sees him and bounces up and down... Dexter is in love with her as well and is always by her when she is on the floor 
  • She doesn't want to hold still with diaper changes any more she likes to roll out of them or eat the diaper we are trying to put on her! 
  • Ella smiles all the time and she smiles so big when she sees my younger sister Danielle and her Daddy!
Paul and I are completely in love with our little girl she is the light in my life and I couldn't be happier with being a wife and mother. We have been so blessed with family these last few weeks and its been so nice! Ella had my mom and Nana come up and hang out with us for a week and it was amazing! Elleanor was awesome she loves her grandparents and being around them. I am so thankful for family and how much they help me! I love my sweet Elleanor she is my favorite person in the whole wide world! Oh and Paul!

Aren't they adorable?

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  1. Rachel, she is beautiful! isn't it crazy how fast time goes?? I can't believe my little one is turning 2!!!
    anyway, congrats on a beautiful,happy family!
    - Erica B.