Monday, June 4, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Loves to suck on her wash clothes

And play with her feet

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Paul called me into the bathroom the other day and told me we had not gotten any pictures of Elleanor in the bath. He said we needed to get better at documenting with the good camera haha. These dang phones make everything so much easier when it comes to snapping some pictures! ANY way I went in with the camera and this is what I came out with....pure perfection! Isn't she just a doll? She was laughing and playing with her feet the whole time and got a kick out of peeka boo. She was laughing at Paul the while he did it. Her laugh is contagious and by the end of her bath Paul and I were cracking up so hard because she is just that awesome. I love this little lady she bring so much joy into my life. I love watching Paul with her and seeing him get so excited with the new things she is learning. It's great to be a little family and just enjoy the life I get to live. I am thankful for my sweet babe and my handsome husband. It's nice to be happy. :)

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