Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hawaii and 3 months!

Holy Moly so much has been going on and I have been a terrible blogger of course what else is new! To start us off today I am remembering what has happened in this whirlwind of events. First off Elleanor and I jet set off to Hawaii! I know what you are thinking weren't we just in Las Vegas? I know poor Paul he is always left behind. Ella and I went to Hawaii for my Mom and Nana's annual pilgrimage to Maui! It was an amazing trip to be invited too! Ashley was there too which was so awesome. We did so many fun and exciting things, LIKE whale watching where we actually saw whales come right up to our boat so close that Ashley could have touched a whale if she reached over the side. Valentines day was awesome although we did miss daddy, we had an outfit on that dad picked out.We spent that day running around Lahina and enjoying the sun as well as a much needed beach day haha. Later in the week Mom, Ashley and I went paddle boarding which was so awesome! We had a turn Hawaiian as our teacher and he was so amazing we were able to see a real in the wild Sea Turtle he swam right between us and if I had laid down on my board I could have been friends with him. There was a lot of walking all over Hawaii which my dear sweet baby adored she was either in just a onesie or her adorable swimsuit!

She loved the sun and the warm weather almost as much as I did. Her Mimi spoiled her rotten she got her pearls and had her try amazing things such as snowcones and sugar cane cola! She loved both.
There was a lot of bonding going on during our girls only trip. Elleanor was able to get very close to her GREAT GRANDMOTHER. Which was really cool because how many people get to do that. We got to spend time at the beach every day which was much needed to see the sun! And we even had a cute mama whale with her baby whale right out in front of our hotel teaching the sweet baby how to JUMP OUT OF THE WATER!!! It was really cool! Because my mom and nana go there every year we were able to go to so many cool places including the north shore to watch awesome surfers and wind surfers it was pretty awesome! We got to go to an authentic lula which was beyond cool little Elleanor loved the dancing and the music it was really cool and the food was the bomb! Ella had the cutest outfit ever she was in a little green romper! to die for! Ashley and I loved the Lula because they had all these awesome drinks that they made in nonalcoholic forms so we could have all the fun drink without any of the silliness!

We had such and amazing trip between the sunsets and the shorts it was awesome! The best part was having the 4 generations together.

Elleanor was an awesome flyer and she was the happiest little bug the whole time on the flight she was smily and happy the whole time and she didn't cry at all! All the people on the plane were so sweet and couldn't believe that she did so well on the plane! I know my baby is amazing!

We had a great trip and it was so much fun to be with auntie and my mama......I never realized how much I missed/needed my MOMMY until I became one! It was so nice to be with everyone every day in the SUN haha! ohh the sun how I miss it! After 8 sun filled days we had to head back to rainy Seattle...but we both really missed daddy so it was a bitter sweet thing. Ella rocked it out on the plane again she is a stellar flyer she loves to travel already! After Hawaii tings got back to normal and we feel into our regular schedule. Elleanor is an awesome baby this is where I brag: She sleeps through the night, loves to ride in the car, has the best time in her bath, loves to shop, and does nothing wrong EVER! HAHA I hope she stays this way forever lol! Although I doubt things will stay this awesome!

Elleanor LOOOOOVES Dexter, and boy does Dexter love Elleanor. Not only does he love to kiss her and smell her, he checks on her when she is napping. It is the cutest little thing ever. He goes into her room when she is napping hops up and puts his feet on her crib so he can look in to make sure she is ok! I love it I think its so sweet that he knows she is a little baby and needs extra love!

My sweet baby is 3 months old and I have no idea where the time has gone. I swear just yesterday I was taking her home from the hospital and I was so scared because I had no idea what to do with her. Now she is holding herself up....her whole body not just the head! She rolled over, or so I think she was on her back when I put her down, I looked away for one second looked back at her and she was on her tummy! It is still unconfirmed if she did it on her own or if Dexter pushed her onto her stomach.

She is so beautiful and I can't believe how much I love this little girl she IS the light of my life and I can't believe how lucky I am that I was trusted with her.I love being a mom it has been the best job that I have ever had. Even though most of my days are filled with doing laundry, washing dishes, and vaccuming the house I have never been more happy because when that little girl looks up at me and smiles when she wakes up from her nap I know I would rather be here then anywhere else. Yep I am sappy and I became one of those people, and I am more ok with it then I ever thought possible. I am a mother.

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  1. Um just so you know I love Elleanor more than you but less than Paul.