Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moving right along

OH what a fun few weeks we have had!! We got to go to Calvin, Mabel and Richards birthday! McKenzie rented out an awesome little Bounce House Spot! HOLY HANNAH it was so much fun!! It was basically a huge bounce house that had an obstacle course and a 17 foot racing slide! Which was a huge hit among the adults. Little kids were telling us to stop it and don't bounce so high! I KNOW LITTLE KIDS WERE SAYING THIS!! We first had some awesome pizza and my favorite SHEET CAKE, then went and jumped off all of those calories!

I was obviously having a grand time if you can't tell by my grin! Haha little Elleanor was with Aunt Carol who graciously volunteered to hold Elleanor while I went off and played. I was lucky because I seriously had so much fun. Ashley and Cam made it down for the birthday too which was so awesome because I miss Ashley living with us, she made things so much fun, and was an amazing cook!

That was Monday and the rest of the week was pretty lack luster haha! Poor Paul was incredibly sick and had to stay home most of the week. I don't know what he had but it was not good stuff and Ella and I were lucky that we didn't get it. Let me tell you I am scared of when I get sick for the first time having a baby. You don't get the day off to stay in bed, there is a little person waiting for you anyways haha! Paul finally started to feel better by the weekend which was a good thing because it was St Patty's Day! Which was so awesome, my amazing sister in law made us Corn Beef and Cabbage with green bread and awesome party hats. We also had a birthday cake for Ms Mabel who turned ONE! Omg I can't believe she is that old already! She is so special to me I think because I have known her since she was born and ohh boy I can't believe she is getting so big!

Dinner was delicious and so much fun! After we had our dinner we got to see sweet May eat her birthday cake which was so awesome to see. She loved her birthday cake and was so happy to have it all to herself. It makes me excited to see Elleanor turn one. Which I am not ready for by any means but it makes me excited!

After watching that sweet baby eat cake and after she got a bath all of the adults decided it was time to have a dance party. OMG the kinect dance party thing HOLY HANNAH SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! We got to boggy! I burned off all the cake calories lol it was a dance battle to the death! I challenged Cam who I knew in college to a dance off. It was a bad idea, he hasn't lost any of his skills and wiped the floor with me. I thought I had retained some of my skills but it looks like I need a refresher course. It was a great time! That night Paul and I decided to take the night off and go see a movie. Paul's dad is an awesome grandpa and came over after she feel asleep. Paul and I got to go see a movie and had a great time! I can't wait to use grandpa over and over again because it was kind of nice to get out without pulling out a carseat with me! Haha we saw 21 jumpstreet and holy moly I LAUGHED SOOOOOOOOOO HARD! It was a pretty fantastic movie, and a great date night! Well thats about it for today its been raining all week and I am ready for sun! Anyone able to send some my way?

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