Monday, February 6, 2012

Elleanor's Blessing

My sweet little lady got blessed this last Sunday. It was such a beautiful weekend. It was so nice because my parents came up and we got to spend time with them which is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. They brought up my grandparents as well which was fun to see them. There was a lot of prep work that had to happen before I could have all of Paul's family over to our house. It took a grip of people to finally whip it into shape! Shout out to mom dad and my sweet sister in law McKenzie! I will have to take pictures of the finally product of the house! We finally have furniture and things are put away and it feels like a home. Any way so we had a great weekend with my family. We took Elleanor to the Zoo! It was a beautiful day in Tacoma the sun was out and it wasn't too chilly! Elleanor slept through the whole Zoo and woke up when we put her into the car which just cracked me up because who doesn't want to be awake at the zoo! I was ok with it though because we got to see everything without a melt down haha! The weekend flew by and before I knew it we were getting Elleanor into her Blessing dress. Her dress pulls at my heart strings because it was made out of my wedding dress material. My Aunt Jen made my wedding dress 3 years ago when Paul and I got married and my sweet Aunt kept the material. When I got pregnant and we found out it was a girl my Aunt Jen made the most beautiful wedding dress out of the left over material. It was so special to see my little girl in something so beautiful for such a huge day in her life, that reminded me of one of the best days of my life. Church was early and all of Paul's family came to support us. Paul gave the most beautiful blessing and I know from it that Heavenly Father blessed me with a sweet spirit with a mission. I am so Thankful for the gospel and that she was able to get these great blessing and promises. I am so thankful for family and all the support that Paul and I have near and far. I never realized how blessed I was until we had our sweet baby.

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  1. Rachel, she's stunning in her dress! What a special day for you and your family. You just seem so happy!