Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Days to 3 Weeks

I started my New Year in Las Vegas so I could see my older sister Ashley get married to the love of her life Cameron. Ella and I fly down to Vegas the day before to surprise the whole family! We were only planing on staying for the weekend, because I thought I had to get home. The wedding was awesome, the sun was great, and my family was AMAZING! Saturday rolled around way to fast and flew by with the wedding and the reception.

The next thing I knew it was late on Saturday night and I was talking to my mom about leaving. She said "now Rachel why would you leave after just 3 days ask Paul if you can stay longer!' She was right because I was there and I didn't have a job to go home too. I called Paul and asked him if I could stay a little longer. He said that was a great idea because he would be working swing sifts as well as night while we took down a huge freeway in Washington. PERFECTION! Elleanor and I were going to stay longer and my parents couldn't have been more thrilled!
My parents soaked up every minute having Elleanor with them. It was so great to see them with her because she is the 1st grand baby and she is pretty friggen awesome. We had a great time during the week sleeping and playing with all of my friends, and of course enjoying the sun. I had started calling Ella the Vampire Baby because they first time she saw the SUN was when we walked off the plane in Las Vegas! Haha insane I know but we do live in Seattle. Ella and I were able to go to wedding receptions of girls I used to babysit which made me feel REALLY old and think they were way to young to be getting married when it turns out they were actually my age when I got married! Insane! Elleanor got to go every where and where ever we went people stopped me to just look at her. Which is awesome to have people tell you how beautiful your child is haha makes me feel great.

I mean look at that face!! Anyway every Saturday for 3 weeks Paul told me he was working another week of nights and to stay in Vegas a little longer....which we more then happy to do. Just to stay in the sun a little longer.

We loved Vegas but we knew we had to come back. It was a great trip but Elleanor and I had been gone to long, and finslly made it back 23 days later haha!

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