Monday, January 9, 2012

One Month Mommy

My sweet baby turned a month old on Friday and I am yet again shocked at how fast time has gone. My sweet baby is changing so much every day all I want to do is tell her to slow down so I can enjoy every possible moment. Our New Year started off pretty eventful. My older sister Ashley was getting married to her sweet husband Cameron New Years Eve and I wasn't planning on being there. Paul and I had, had tickets but we weren't sure how Elleanor would do and I wasn't convinced I could fly with her. Any way 2 days before Ashley's wedding after I had put Elleanor to bed I knew I wanted to be there. So Paul being the sweetest husband ever let me buy a ticket and leave for Vegas the next morning. I have no idea what I was afraid of Elleanor was a better flyer then I was she passed right out in her carseat! I even gave her the window seat! Landed safely in Vegas, Cam and his dad came and picked me up so we could keep it a surprise for my family that I had come down for the wedding. I walked in the door and everyone flipped out it was so fun to be home again! The wedding was fantastic Ashley was beautiful and it was so nice to see her with someone she truly loved and truly made her happy! I was planning on going back that Sunday, but my parents were like hey you are down here why would you leave??? UHH good question it's not like there was a whole lot going on at home. Paul is on a big job with the company tearing down a highway and working nights and well into the morning. He told me to stay because he wouldn't be much help anyway and that way I could spend more time with my family! It was a great idea, my little baby had never seen the sun before because since her birth there hasn't been any sun in Washington. I needed to show my little vampire what the sun was. She isn't a fan! Haha, any way its been a great two weeks enjoying family, friends, and fun!
Back to what my post was orientally about. I have been a mother now for over a month and I couldn't be in awe and how much better my life is with my sweet little girl. I have learned so much! Some of those things include
*sleep is overrated
*little hands and feet are the best thing ever
*i am ok being used for food
*nursing is my favorite time of the day and I am so happy it happens so many times a day
*bath time is more fun then ever
*i dont' mind diaper duty
*i can spend hours just watching a single person
*i am the happiest i have ever been
*i love my husband more then ever
I thought I would never be one of those mothers who only talked about her baby and how great she was, but boy was I wrong. My life could not be better in any sort of way. I am totally and completely in love!

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  1. Elleanor is a beauty queen like her mommy! You sound so happy and settled in to motherhood! I wish we could catch up!