Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elegant Elleanor

Holy Lanta I am a Mommy! I know its been months and I am a terrible person but I am finally updating haha if I even have anyone who reads! Haha Any way so the store of our sweet babies arrival begins on the evening of the 5th of December. I guess I was going into labor but I was convinced it was gas or my back was just aching from taking Dexter on a killer long walk earlier that night. Anyway, about ten that night I am having some pretty intense "back pain" that seems to be coming about every 2-3 minutes. I called my mom and dad and talked on the phone with them while Paul sat on the floor and timed the contractions. I lapped around the downstairs as I tired to convince myself that nah it couldn't be time although she was a week overdue! Paul and I got into bed around 11:30 and tried to sleep. Wait let me rephrase that. I tried to sleep Paul straight passed out haha! Lucky man that sleep came in handy later. I am sure I got some sleep but I was awake at 1 and about ready to DIE or so I thought. I tried to walk through those contractions and was reduced to tears. I thought I was tough but I have never felt anything like that before. Finally at 2 I woke up Paul when I couldn't handle it any more. Paul got up in a flash and was dressed before I finished yet another contraction. I ask Paul if he had gotten the car seat in the car and before I knew it he was out of the room and outside. By now I just wanted my mom so I called her and woke her up telling her she better be on a plane in the morning because I was in labor. My mom talked me through some of the contractions as Paul ran around the house getting things ready for us to leave. Poor Dexter was so confused he had been following me around trying to figure out what was going on with his Mommy. Paul threw our poor disoriented sleepy puppy into the crate and we were out the door. Paul drove really fast I even had to have him slow down because the curves we take to get down to the highway were making the contractions even worst haha! We made it to the hospital in record time and walked into the ER and it was empty which was great because I was ready to get thing moving. We got all checked in and then we wait and waited and waited like half an hour in the waiting rooms which SUCKED because I was IN PAIN! Finally a nurse came down to take us up to our room! I walked the whole way to try and walk through the pain haha! We got up to our room which was one the 14th floor and had an amazing view of Tacoma but I didn't really check it out. One of the night nurses came in and she was amazing! She did deliver shocking new to us though! I was only ONE YES I REPEAT ONE centimeter dilated! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! She told us that we had to walk around for a while and if I didn't progress they would send me home with some pain meds and tell me to come back later. I wasn't about to let that happen so Paul and I walked around in circles for what felt like forever but I only lasted like 20 minutes. I went and laid down and waited for the nurse to come back in and tell me I had to go home. Lucky I was dilated to a 3 and ready to start this process. She asked me if I wanted some pain killers to help with the contractions. Um hello yes! I got some drugs and then she drew me a bath . Crazy right? Uh no it was amazing I sat in the bath for like 2 hours and it was ten times better in there. By seven in the morning they asked if I was ready for the epidural? Um yes I thought I could go natural turns out I am not as he woman as I thought. I got the epidural and it wasn’t scary at all. My lady just talked through the whole thing and I didn’t feel it at all. After I got that I felt amazing and passed out till like 9:30. Nurse came in told me I was getting a does of pitocen to help move things along and I am not even joking you 3 hours later I was fully dialted which shocked everyone! I asked if we could wait for my mom she should be landing any minute but it didn’t work out Elleanor was ready to come. Luckily I had Paul and my amazing sister in law McKenzie there to help me through the process. Birth was awesome I had an amazing experience. I am not going to lie for me birth was super easy I only pushed for 30 minutes and Ms Elleanor showed up all by herself. They placed her right on my chest and I was instantly in love. She is so beautiful and she is all mine. The feeling of love was so over whelming of course I was reduced to tears. She was yelling so loud when she came out and when they placed her on my chest and I spoke her name she stopped crying. She knew me and it was amazing. Needless to say she has been a dream and I am beyond in love with my little one.


  1. Okay, I just read that sweet story and you made me cry. She is such a doll and she is so lucky to have you as a mommy!

  2. Awe Rachel she is perfect as you know. We love you.