Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vacation Part One

This is our excited faces! You maybe thinking why do Rachel and Paul have these wonderful smiles on their faces??? Well it's because we had just signed all the paperwork for our house! OMG we did it! We made it through and our house has a brand new roof! Yea it finally happened! It was a whirlwind of a day, not only did I have to combine both my breaks with my lunch to make sure I had enough time to sign Paul had to drive the 3 hour drive from Hanford to make sure we were able to meet each other on time! I was thrilled so was Paul even though his smile isn't as, as excited! He was tired from driving haha! After the signing I had to jet back to work and Paul had to get everything ready for us to leave for Vegas that night! It was a crazy day! After I got home from work we seriously had to jump into the car and head to the airport to go to beautiful Las Vegas! It was awesome flight and we got into Vegas around 10 and it was a friggen 109 degrees! Are you kidding me! Yea it was insane! It was so nice to be home and see my mom and dad! It had only been a few months but it felt like longer! So we made it home my mom basically undressed me the second I walked in the door because she wanted to see my belly! IT was funny but she was excited to see her grandchild!! Well after hardly any sleep Paul and I drove up to Provo, Utah to see one of my very best friends Ashley and her husband Seth! They are having a baby boy in the next few weeks and we wanted Ellie to meet her future husband in the womb! Ashley and I were reunited after almost 2 years of not seeing each other!! It was great to sit down and talk to someone who is going through exactly what I am going through! Her sweet baby boy sits on the right side of her belly and its crazy! Paul and Seth were very happy to see each other they always have a great time together! Saturday night we went out to dinner at Tucanos and OMG I PUT EVERYONE TO SHAME! Being prego has made my appetite shoot through the roof! Tucanon's was amazing! Meat after Meat after Meat with some pineapple! I loved it! IT was soooo good and sitting down with Ashley and Seth and talking about the future! IT was crazy because it's super scary to think that we are both going to have this huge life changing events happen in the next 1 to 3 months haha! After dinner we went up to Sacaqw Peak or something like that. There was an awesome thunder storm rolling in, and we were able to watch the the lightning strike and it was pretty awesome! What a cool thing to see! Then we went back to their house and watched the BEST D movie Splice you should probably check it out! It was a great catch up weekend although it was only for a few days it was great to spend time with one of my favorite married couple friends haah!

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