Sunday, August 21, 2011


OMG we got our house! As some of you many know i have been lamenting over this house for months! It has been an epic battle to get everything taken care of! BUT WE FINALLY WON! Now I am going to talk about this sweet gem! Not only did we get it for a killer price but we also got A NEW ROOF, NEW WINDOWS, NEW CARPET, AND THEY REPAINTED THE WHOLE HOUSE!!! Uhh yea could I be more excited??? I think not! 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a den and a bonus room I could not be more thrilled! This is the house that I see Paul and I raising our children in! It's in a cul-da-sac, our kids will be going to school with their cousins and we are right up up the road from Paul's parents. They love their grandchildren so it will be nice to have them so close! Paul and I also made our first big purchase for our home the Samsung 4 drawer refrigerator! Oh yes we have been saving and saving and we finally found our Fridge! OHH and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

We have been dealing with so much lately, with Paul being called back to Handford and the baby, the house being so uncertain for so long, just a whole lot. This weekend has been such a blessing to have things confirmed that if you stay strong and keep your head up good things will happen! As Paul and I drove to church this morning we talked about how lucky we were, and how many things we have to be grateful for in our lives. It's so true, he told me that we can't forget all the blessing we have been receiving although I won't lie I was feeling like we were being tired. I realized as I looked at my very handsome husband how lucky I was to have someone there to remind me all the things I had to be thankful for.
The Week with him being gone wasn't to terrible either, I had something going on almost every single night. I went to a new Dentist which is huge for me because I have had the same Dentist since I was 9 YEARS OLD!! IF you know me as well I am very skid-dish of doctors which means, I never go to the Doctor or the Hospital and I have avoided getting a dentist for over 2 years. Full blown panic attacks when I go to a doctor or someone I don't know I know ridiculous but its me and it drives Paul crazy! Apparently I under play everything which I have been trying to work on since we are having a child and I have been in a doctor's office once a month for the last 6 months! Anyways the dentist was awesome I really liked him and he actually turned our to be LDS which was a great topic haha!
I got to hit up a baseball game! It was for a retirement party for Gerald Gehring which is related to us through a cousin or something to that effect. Anyway the part was in a private box at the Rainers game which is Washington's minor leagues! OMG it was so much fun! Plus Paul got to come home and surpise me which was even better because I sleep terrible without him!

It's so nice to have so much family around and so many fun things to do with them. The game was good I think. I didn't really pay attention I was mostly just talking away and hanging out with all the cousins. We also had a new addition to our Family Laura and Gunner had there sweet baby girl Lydia!!! Gunner is one of Paul's cousins and I adore Laura she was a sweet baby omg so little! It was shocking! Most of the shockingness was the story that went along with it. She gave natural birth which I am most leaning too and pretty much scared the BEGEZZUES out of me! hahah but only time will tell how things go! I can't wait to see how this week goes! All I see is good things!

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