Sunday, August 14, 2011

the last 3 months

Things are a changing....including my due date apparently I am ahead of schedule, little Ellie will be hopefully arriving November 29th! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is true just because I would like not to have a baby in December as silly as that may sound its true I would rather focus on her birthday then her birthday and Christmas and New Years all in like 4 weeks so we shall see. I got to see her again and it was more magical then I remembered. Our sweet little baby girl was curled up on her stomach with her legs and arms all tucked in. She looked like a little turtle. This didn't bod well with us because we needed to get a clear shot of her heart. Thankful everything checked out with her heart I had been worried for a bit. Anyways she was sound asleep when I walked into my appointment and she did not want to wake up. The ultra sound tech had my lay on both my sides shake my belly and move around to try and wake her up haha! I was cracking up because I like when she sleeps. Those long little legs are getting powerful and she is taking things out on my kidneys! Well the tech finally took the little stick thingy and poked it into my belly until she finally started to move! haha it was soo cool watching her kick and feeling it! Her heart checked out and I got to find out that she is growing perfectly she is just as sweet as I remembered. Got some GREAT NEWS, I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice.......Paul is back at Handford. AGAIN. For the next three months working 5 tens and coming home late Friday night and leaving Sunday afternoon. So that means I get maybe 30 hours with my husband a week, as we move into my third trimester, into a new house, and start a new part of our lives. YEAH! Although an answer to prayers this is a hard pill for me to swallow. Our house is turning out to be a bigger pain in the ass yes I did say ass then we thought it was going to be. My hell if we could finally get this taken care of I will be singing off the roof tops! Thankfully I do have a 10 day vacation to Las Vegas coming up in 2 weeks and I can't wait to see my family! I have missed them dearly! Anyways back to the house Paul and I bought our first big ticket item we bought the fridge of our dreams! THE SAMSUNG 4 DRAWER FRIDGE! It's a beauty and I am in love! It was so great to be able to save for something that we wanted to so bad and then blow it all on one awesome thing! I am guessing I will be blogging more because I will have the nights to myself.....well me and Dexter I would be so lonely without my sweet boy!

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