Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Holy Crap

I am the worst blogger ever! I am so bad at writing even when I have so many things to talk about! So I will start from the start of the end of June. Paul and I went to the Mariners game with Dave, Kenzie, Ali, Rob, Mike and Emily! OH and I can't forget my sweet baby May! It was an awesomely fun game! I really didn't pay that much attention to it all I did was Eat and EAt and EAT!!! It was awesome it was so delicious!
Plus we got to hang out with all the cousins and enjoy the nice weather we had for like two days here in Tacoma. And I got to play with my sweet baby May! Boy do I love that child! If Paul and I hadn't had a bun in the oven and I met May I would have told Paul it is time to start a family! LOL She is that cute! Game was good we lost and are still on our losing streak! ohh well! The next weekend we went to Portland with the family! We drove down to go to the St. Paul Rodeo and it was a blast I tried all the most amazing food there AGAIN! Paul had a fried twinkie and I had A FRIED SNICKERS! AMAZING!!!!!! THats my snickers sooo good I snarfed that things down sooo fast! The rodeo was a great time and it was nice to get out of Tacoma and actually get some sun shine! We all even got in the pool and got some color which was awesome because I have wanted to go swimming all summer long and it was finally warm enough to get in!! Portland was great we got to do a lot of fun things. We got our drivers license at Malibu Speed Track! It was huge go karts that were awesome! Kate was my little side kick and we rocked the track! It was a Blast! Relaxing in a hotel room and Rodeo it couldn't have been a better weekend! It only got better from there! We drove home on the 4th of July and got ready to hang out with Paul's family and Grandma and Grandpa's house to watch the air show over the sound and then head out to the gravel pit to set off fire works Dickson style. Which means a very unsafe style haha! It was such a beautiful day we were so lucky to have sun all day! We came home from our long weekend and Dexter was beyond excited to see us! Ashley can't love up on him like we can and he was more then happy to hang out with mom and dad for a litte bit! He spooned right next to Paul and they both passed out because Dang it we miss that dog when we leave! Aren't they so stinking darling! I love those two boys! After setting off the fire works at the gravel pit we boogied back over to the grandparents house and watched as the fire works went off over the sound! They were AWESOME and I had my sweet little Charlotte to keep me warm as well as Dexter! They were in love with each other! I love that he is getting a long with little kids so well! We had a great time watching the show and hanging out with family that was a 4th for the books a great time and SUN!!! After that my parents came into town the very next day! I know right I am the luckiest girl ever! They came down to come to the ultra sound with us to find out what Ellie was and for my Dad to ride the STP with Paul! Ohh the STP what a good time! Mom and Dad came to the ultra sound with us and it was Amazing so magical! but the best part was THE GREAT WOLF LODGE!! We spent a the night there during the second leg of the boys trip and it was SOOOOO FUN! i can't wait to go back! because it was amazing! Paul does this every year with his cousins he rides this huge bike race of 10,000 people from Seattle to Portland. This year was the year of the Mustache!!!! OMG yes that is my sweet man with a gnarly as heck beard! So awesomely gross! All the guys did it so it was pretty sweet and they looked awesome while doing it! While we hung out in the hot tub at the GWL some guys asked if they were a group of pirates or in a boy band haha! They went with pirates! All the guys did great but my Daddy pounded all of them into the GROUND! Literally beat all the boys 20 years younger then him! It was a proud moment for all of us! I was shocked at how awesome he did and so was he I think but he was awesome! I have never seen my dad so excited he finished strong and first!! It was a great trip and so nice to see my parents! I miss them so much! I can't wait till I get to visit them more often after this sweet babe is born! Aren't they adorable? Needless to say it was a great to have them around and have my parents be so excited to become grandparents! I still can't believe its happening but I sure am Excited that it is. Umm I am pretty sure that wraps up most of the exciting things we have done July was a pretty jam packed month and I am so glad that we had a few days of decent weather! THis summer has been CRAP I can't wait to go to Vegas the end of August adn enjoy some sun and some warmth! News on the house! Well we have everything in place to get the house! BUT Bank of America is being a bunch of d-bags and dragging out the process of getting us a new friggen roof! So although we have some place to move to we still can't because we need a roof! haha! Now we are just waiting and waiting KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! So to end this never ending post I will leave you with my first ever baby bump picture where you can actually see something 21 weeks and counting!

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