Thursday, June 30, 2011

well hello there

ALRIGHT! So apparently at work they have unlocked the blogspot so this makes my life so much easier because I can then update while I work! Awsesome right?? Things in life have not yet come close to slowing down. Paul and I are still working on buying the house and have some SOO CLOSE to being finished! Our closing date is July 29th and Bank of America will be paying to give us a new roof! Thank you Bank of America for new carpets, new paint, and a NEWWWWW ROOOOOFFFF! I could not be more estatic! If only you knew I just helped two memebers right now! woohooiee this thing is great! So back on track we got the house everything is moving forward and we should be in our new place by August! I could not be more excited because I will have so many fun things to focus on! For one thing this house is riddleded in WALL PAPER! Whoever thought wall paper was a gem of an idea was off their rocker! It's in the kitchen and all the bathrooms in lovely floral designs and stripes! Its great! But that will afford me a lot of fun projects to get our house in working order! Plus I get a nursary! I get to paint it decorate it the whole nine yards and I have way to many ideas to start off with! I can't wait to find out what our baby Gaga is. July 7the big day and I am just dying to know! I am almost 98% sure we are having a baby and I think I am right because I have hard evidence or should I say HAIRY? If its a boy I will explain that story!
This will be if its baby Danger

And this for baby Ellanor

So cute right? But I am still toying with ideas. I am almost postive we will be doing a just little tree with woodland creatures. That will be the first thing to tackle in the new house and I can't wait! Well maybe the wall paper will come down first!

Other news... my parents are coming up from Las Vegas to do the big Seattle to Portland bike ride that Paul's partakes in every year. My dad deciced he wanted to fill the pain and is going to do it as well! The best part is we get to stay in the GREAT WOLF LODGE!!! Which has an indoor water park! Yes I am so excited because I am 5! haha My mom, Ash, and I will be the support team that basically gets to goof off all day and stay at the GREAT WOLF LODGE! Plus they will be up here when we find out what baby Gaga is so it will be a glorious occasion that I can't stop talking about!

Back to Baby Gaga so far being prego has been super easy for me which I am thankful for because I have seen it sucks for family and I am soooo glad that it has been as nice as it has. But I am having my first WHOOOOAAAA moment, and I will explain. As I got out of the shower the other day I looked down at my belly button and to my DISMAY it was on its way OUT! OUT.... YES I SAID IT! Granted its not sticking out terrible but it used to be a deep caveren of a belly button and now its not. haha only I have noticed but it is soooo scary to me because of THIIIIISSSSS!

Kelly Ripa is sooo hot but what the heck happened to her belly button? I would die if this happens to me. Although I am pretty sure I am insane I still worry!

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