Sunday, June 12, 2011


I am the worse blogger ever I am pretty sure of that, but I am updating and I have things to talk about now!

#1- Paul and I have a Baby on the way! Due December 1st
#2- We are in the process of purchasing a house
#3- Paul is and old man and his back is giving out, but thankfully no back surgery
#4- Dexter is awesome and I think he needs a little sister with 4 legs!
#5- I turned 23, had an awesome birthday plus got an awesome eternity band for my bday

I can't really think of anything else so those will be the top 5 for now! About number one, Paul and I are super excited. We find out the sex on July 7th and that day couldn't come any faster I wish that it would be tomorrow!

Lets see number two the house! So awesome Paul and I found a great house in a fabulous neighborhood that is close to both the in-laws and Paul's brother! Which is fantastic because we love to hang out with them! It's a beautiful two story house with a nice back yard 4 bedrooms plus a bonus room! All the windows and carpets have been replaced and it is selling for a killer price!!! Our inspection is tomorrow and we will then find out if everything is good and we can move in! Keep your finger crossed!

Oh number three! My poor baby is having some back issues running heavy machines your whole life will do that too you I suppose! Paul had an MRI this week and we found out that he will not have to have surgery which is a huge relief because of number one as you could guess why! But we are still doing physical therapy and will have to explore some other options on how to make it better because that man needs his sleep!

Our four legged friend and number four! For over a year Dexter has been our number one and only baby soooo adding a really baby with only 2 legs shall be interesting. I am worried about Dexter because he has been my main focus for soooo long and I think he deserves a pet don't you? A Boston Terrier to add into the mix maybe?

Ahh Me number five! I turned 23 holy moly i am getting old not really but if feels like it!!! Paul got me the best present ever! My wedding band which just happened to be an eternity band! ohh soo sexy and awesome! Ashley the fabulous older sister that she is got tired of constantly seeing me with my pants unbuttoned and my zipper down so she bought me my first pair of prego pants. Which i am not going to lie are a revelation because those things are sooo dang comfy. they don't really stay on my because i have no butt and not a really belly but I do enjoy the face that I can stick my stomach out and be gassy and no one can say a dang thing! I just blame it all on baby gaga!!

well that is all for now! i will have to post some pictures of my belly when it decided to make and appearance for now i just look like fatty magoo and people think i have gained weight! which is terrible! also when we get that house! FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE!

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