Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Hail

I am so excited for tomorrow to be Thursday! Paul is coming home tomorrow night woot woot! He did his Rad (radiation) test today and got a 96% and did his pratical so well the lady said he should stay on as a trainer! Good thing he did so well he did just go through his hazmad class! He has had to take so many classes lately to get him ready to work on the Hanford Necular Power Plant. Weather this week has been insane.....yesterday was my first real time driving in serious rain and it was seriously scary. I was on my way to getting an awesome dog crate that I found on craigslist! Serisouly awesome, because Dexter comes home on Saturday! I have literally been waiting for this day for the past 7 weeks and it is finally here!!!!!! Hopefully in the next two days the weather gets a little better so I am not taking him pee in the middle of the night while it is raining!!!!

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  1. hey you made a blog!!!! I am so proud of you! AND I MISS YOU!! How are you guys?!!?